31 High Scoring Formulas To Answer The Ielts Speaking Question

31 High-Scoring Formulas khổng lồ Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions is one of the few best speaking practice books lớn help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking test.

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I highly recommover it!

Who should learn this book?No matter who you are, starting at any màn chơi (beginner khổng lồ learn IELTS, learn for a while), this book was born to serve all of you.

The book is suitable for those who have an English background, have just started to practice IELTS or want khổng lồ improve the speaking chạy thử score.

Well, but wait, if you are an English-native, you shouldn’t use this book. Instead, focus on consolidating your IELTS grammar first by studying the Grammar for IELTS book yourself or khổng lồ save sầu time & gain efficiency. Sign up for an ultra-compact và lightweight IELTS Online course gentle (Of course chất lượng must be the first priority then)

This book is worth reading!

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31 High-Scoring Formulas to lớn Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions

Believe sầu me, just after you finish the 368 pages of knowledge (though quite thick) in this book, your IELTS Speaking màn chơi can be called khổng lồ another cấp độ (I’m not talking too much) if lượt thích you really work hard and learn methodically.

The two authors of the book (Jonathan Palley-Adrian Li Oliver Davies) will guide you through each lesson & make sure lớn provide you with the three most useful things below:

An effective sầu strategy for all 3 PartsFormula to answer all kinds of questions (sentence structure, grammar …)Indigenous vocabulary recommended to lớn eat points

Content overview of the book

Before starting the main section of the book, it will always be a general introduction to the IELTS Speaking chạy thử (kiểm tra structure, scoring, etc.) và how lớn use the book. This is the most effective → This is the important information you need to lớn know to lớn have sầu a good start before going deeper inlớn the demo (Especially for beginners to lớn study IELTS).

Next, the author will add the book into lớn 3 parts, equivalent to lớn 3 parts of the speaking kiểm tra.

Part 1: Contains trăng tròn formulas khổng lồ answer Part 1 of the testPart 2: The answer formula for the 4 most comtháng topics in Part 2: Person, Place, Object & Past EventPart 3: 7 formulas for developing Part 3 speech are listed và analyzed by the author

At the over of 3 parts, the book also provides advice on “what should and should not do” in the speaking demo too → These can be extremely valuable tips written and drawn from the author. experience. This will help us avoid the minor mistakes that cause us to thua trận points or the Tips khổng lồ make the examiner impressed us with the speech. So take advantage!


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What is the good point of this book?

If you look through the book, you will see that there are two parts to lớn each knowledge topic: Language steps & Native speaker words.

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Language steps: These will be short, clustered, simple sentence structures, while ensuring its effectiveness. As you can see, the author has taken an extremely useful step when analyzing the whole grammatical structure of these sentences.

Native sầu speaker words: This is my most impressive sầu part. Unlike books that merely provide common vocabulary, in this book, the author prioritizes the danh sách of vocabulary words used by native sầu speakers, but even many dictionaries are not necessarily listed. enough and right for you. ⇒ These words are categorized from words (Noun, Verb …) & explain the meaning is extremely easy khổng lồ understand, simple that anyone can understand, along with the example sentence.

⇒ This is the brightest point of the book, with the vocabulary you learn from the book, your speech will be greatly appreciated, creating a natural way of speaking. The examiner always likes you to lớn use the words that they are also using.

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Wiki Study English’s personal assessment of the book

Content suitable for Vietnamese learners of IELTS Speaking

As the name implies, all the questions are said by the ‘formula’ step 1, then how khổng lồ use the vocabulary, how lớn connect the ideas, how to cthua kém the speech … super specific. The book also has many examples, so it’s easy lớn learn & easy khổng lồ understvà.

Maybe you did not know anything about IELTS Speaking before or you were not confident in speaking English, so the book is still suitable.

However, the amount of practical exercises is quite small

This book is a little bit ‘theoretical’ & does not provide enough practical knowledge. You should simultaneously update the questions that are applied in the real chạy thử & have a high rate of winning the cupboard.


I would lượt thích lớn emphaform size again: This is a book worth learning, very worth learning. You can find yourself really improving your skills, confidence & language skills on the IELTS Speaking thử nghiệm every day.