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Solid total package.

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Acer introduces its Aspire E5-571G as an all-round máy vi tính that includes a dedicated Nvidia graphics thẻ and Hãng sản xuất Intel Chip Core i5 processor. However, hardware is not everything in this category - it very much depends on performance và unique. Has Acer created a successful combination for 700 Euros (~$920)? Find out in the following report.

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Acer is well known for its wide range of laptops. In this case, the Aspire E5-571G, with a dedicatedNvidia GeForce 840MandIntel"s i5-4210UCPU, provides a compact, overall bundle for just under 700 Euros (~$920). A total hard drive capacity of 1 TB và 8 GB of working memory, a matte and a 15.6-inch screen are included. Consequently, Acer"s laptop is predestined for thefield of multimedia, và even gives casual gamers some elbow room. We will determine whether the internal components, in the khung of input đầu vào devices, interface diversity, the six-cell battery, và emissions, are convincing as a whole.

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Since the decision khổng lồ buy a máy tính xách tay should always be considered carefully, we will compare Acer"s Aspire E5-571G with somecompetitors.MSI"s GP60 with anNvidia GeForce 840Mbut more powerfulIntel Vi xử lý Core i5-4200HCPU, featuring the same working memory capacity of 8 GB, but only half the storage capacity with 500 GB is considered as a rival. With a price tag of roughly 800 Euros (~$1050),MSI"s laptopis 100 Euros (~$130) more expensive sầu than the Acer.Asus" F550LNis also within this price range, & makes comparing the performance of ULV CPUs interesting due khổng lồ its fasterHãng Intel bộ vi xử lý Core i7-4500U.Acer"s Aspire V3-573G,equipped with anNvidia GeForce GTX 850Mand a high-unique IPS screen, which sells for 100 Euros (~$130) more, completes the comparison.


Like most other lines, the brushedaluminum lookis appealing. Of course, you should not forget that the máy vi tính case is made of plastic, which is reflected in its robustness. The completely balanced build & sleek lid ensure a pleasant feel. Weighing 2.36 kilogam (5.2 lbs) also makes it a perfect device for carrying around.

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MSI GP60-2PEi585 Hãng Asus F550LN-CN89H Acer Aspire E5-571G-536E Acer Aspire V5-573G-54218G1Taii ❌
383 milimet / 15.1 inch249.5 milimet / 9.82 inch37.6 mm / 1.48 inch

2.4 kg5.29 lbs380 mm / 15 inch251 mm / 9.88 inch32 milimet / 1.26 inch2.3 kg5.07 lbs381.6 mm / 15 inch256 milimet / 10.1 inch30.3 mm / 1.193 inch2.4 kg5.2 lbs381.6 milimet / 15 inch255.9 milimet / 10.1 inch20.75 milimet / 0.817 inch2 kg4.41 lbs

The elegant looks of Acer"s laptop
The diversity of ports only corresponds partially lớn today"s standards of a 15.6-inch máy vi tính. The Acer máy vi tính is equipped quite poorly with just one USB 3.0 port và two USB 2.0 ports. They are positioned in the front area, allowing quick access. However, peripheral cables are also positioned in the front area, making it untidy & restrictive in terms of work space.

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