Bài viết thuộc phần 5 trong serie 6 bài viết về Những bài tập chọn lọc từ bỏ những đề thi Tiếng Anh 2017

Chuim đề tìm và sửa lỗi sai là chuyên đề hưởng thụ buộc phải tổng hòa hợp, vắt chắc hẳn kiến thức và kỹ năng. Để có tác dụng giỏi dạng bài xích này vào đề thi trung học phổ thông Quốc Gia hay ôn thi học tập kì, luyện thi học sinh giỏi, bạn phải rèn luyện liên tục dạng bài xích này. 90 bài tập thắc mắc trắc nghiệm tổng thích hợp từ đề thi tuyển sinh Đại Học chấp thuận các năm từ 2012 mang lại 2017, tất cả đâp án, đã có đánh giá dầy đầy đủ, bảo vệ ngôn từ quality.

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Tài liệu thuộc chăm đề nổi bật

Loạt nội dung bài viết theo chăm đề

Trích đoạn tài liệu

(A)Most greetings cards are (B)folding và have a picture (C)on the front và a message (D)inside.Aloha (A)is a Hawaiian word (B)meaning ‘love’, (C)that can be used (D)to say hello or goodbye.(A)The Oxford English Dictionary is (B)well known for including many different (C)meanings

of words & (D)to lớn give sầu real examples.

It was (A)disappointing that (B)almost of the guests (C)left the wedding (D)tooWhen you are writing (A)or speaking English (B)it is important khổng lồ use language (C)that includes both men and women (D)equally the same.(A)When precipitation occurs, (B)some of it evaporates, some runs off (C)the surface it strikes, and some (D)sinking into the ground.(A)Globally và internationally, the 1990’s stood (B)out as the (C)warmest decade in the history of

(D)weather records.

Of all the art-related reference và retìm kiếm (A)library in North America, (B)that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Thành Phố New York City is (C)among the largest and (D)most complete.

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(A)Different fourteen crops were (B)grown 8,600 years (C)ago by some of the world’s earliest (D)farmersA warning printed on a makeshift lifebuoy says: “This is not a (A)life-saving (B)Children

should be (C)accompany by their (D)parents.”

In the early 1900’s, Pennsylvania’s (A)industries grew rapidly, a (B)growth sometimes

(C)accompanied by (D)disputes labor.

(A)Looking from afar, the village (B)resembles a small (C)green spot dotted (D)with tiny fireballs.Some people(A) often say that (B)using cars is not as convenient (C)than (D)using motorbikes.It was (A)not until the over of (B)prehistoric times that (C)the first wheeled vehicles (D)I like (A)the fresh air and (B)green trees of the village (C)which I spent (D)my vacation last year.(A)Since January (B)this year, Joe has suffered two (C)injuries, one to lớn his ankle and the other (D)in Thủ đô New York.Women in many (A)parts of the world have sầu had lower status than men, (B)which the extent (C)the gap between genders (D)varies across cultures and times.(A)As seeing (B)from the mountain top, the area looks (C)like a picturesque (D)harbour town.(A)All of the students in this course will be assessed (B)according to their attendance, (C)performance, (D)they work hard.It is (A)common knowledge that solar heating for a (B)large office building is (C)technically different from (D)a single-family home page.The number (A)of homeless people in Nepal (B)have increased sharply (C)due lớn the recent (D)All the (A)candidates for the (B)scholarship will be equally treated (C)regarding of their age, sex, (D)(A)The longer the children (B)waited in (C)the long queue, the more (D)impatiently they became.(A)Because of bad (B)weather conditions, it took (C)the explorers three days (D)reaching their destination.According lớn (A)most doctors, mát xa (B)relieves pain và anxiety, eases depression & (C)speeding up recovery from (D)New (A)sources of energy have sầu (B)been looking for as the (C)number of fossil fuels (D)continues to decrease.(A)The science of medicine, (B)which progress has been (C)very rapid lately, is perhaps the most important of (D)all sciences.Animals like frogs (A)have waterproof skin (B)that prevents (C)it from drying out quickly in air, sun, or (D)wind.My brother usually (A)ask me for help (B)when he (C)has difficulty with his (D)Many people object (A)khổng lồ use physical (B)punishment in (C)dealing with discipline problems (D)at school(A)The policeman warned the tourists (B)not walking alone (C)in empty streets (D)at night.My mother always (A)get up early (B)lớn prepare breakfast for (C)everyone in the (D)family.She always (A)try to finish (B)her homework (C)before (D)going khổng lồ bed.Children learn (A)primarily by directly (B)experiencing the (C)world around (D)it.(A)A number of wildlife habitat reserves have sầu been (B)established in order to lớn (C)saving endangered (D)species from extinction.