Building Skills For The New Toeic Test 2Nd Edition By Lin Lougheed On Pearson Japan K

Prepare for success."s online courses, demo preparation books & sample questions will help you become familiar with the TOEIC® Listening & Reading thử nghiệm & gauge your readiness before taking it.

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The TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course

TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course (OLPC) is an online service using real-life workplace scenargame ios and over 1,000 authentic TOEIC® thử nghiệm questions lớn help you build the English skills you need for everyday workplace situations and prepare you for success on the TOEIC Listening và Reading chạy thử. The course is currently only available in select

Self-paced & accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the TOEIC Official Learning & Preparation Course is the only course created by the maker of the TOEIC tests. No other online course is better designed khổng lồ help you build the English skills you need for everyday workplace situations as well as succeed on the TOEIC test.

Here"s what you"ll find in the course:

three progressive sầu learning modules from beginner through advanced levelseight topic-based, skill-building units per moduleinteractive sầu exercises that reflect meaningful, real-life workplace situations and tasksvoice narration in the same voices you"ll hear on the actual TOEIC testautomated score report complete with an estimate of your TOEIC score range as well as diagnostic feedbachồng similar to the official score reportung assessment of your strengths và areas where you can improve, along with suggestions about what lessons you might want to lớn repeat

To order the course, tương tác your local Preferred Network (EPN) member.

Test Preparation Books

Tactics for the TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test


Tactics for the TOEIC® Listening và Reading Test, a book và CD-ROM created by and Oxford University Press, helps demo takers develop the language & test-taking skills they need khổng lồ succeed on the TOEIC Listening & Reading test.

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Key features of this book include:

test-taking tips và skill-building activitiestwo complete practice testslistening activities

Other Test Preparation Books

For demo preparation books available in your region, tương tác your local EPN member.

Free Sample Questions

Important note: The worldwide rollout of the TOEIC Listening & Reading test updates will take place over several months, beginning in April 2018 for public thử nghiệm sessions, và availability will vary by country.

Updated Version of the Test

Current Version of the Test

Test Preparation Tips

There are several things you can bởi vì every day lớn prepare for the TOEIC Listening và Reading kiểm tra. The more you practice, the easier it

Listening closely lớn the words in music, online broadcasts, radio, television & movies in English is a great way to improve your listening skills in English. The more you listen, the more you will understvà vocabulary, idioms & expressions. Music helps you acquire the rhythm & áp lực patterns of spoken English.Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. English-language reading materials — newspapers, magazines, books and websites — are always available. Choose your favorites! Read materials that genuinely interest you and are not too challenging.Use the language every day. Each day, mix some time aside lớn communicate only in English. Listen, read, speak và write in English every chance you get. The more you use the language, the better you"ll become.Keep a journal. Write down what happens in your life every day. This is a great way khổng lồ think in English. Read to yourself and read out loud. This will also help you listen to how the words sound.