The Greachạy thử Showdown of All Time! Ultimate Survival Battle!!空前絶後の超決戦!究極のサバイバルバトル!!Kūzenzetsugo no chō kessen! Kyūkyoku no sabaibaru batoru!!

Script: Hiroshi Yamaguchi; Director/Storyboard: Ryōta Nakamura; Animation Supervisors: Naoki Tate và Shūichirō ManabeSource: Animedia

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I'm still curious why nothing was done/said when Jiren attacked the stands. I underst& that it doens't affect the tournament the same way that Frost's actions would have sầu but I still thought something would have happened.

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Well, not only could the Angels have sầu stopped if they needed khổng lồ, but there's no rule protecting the spectators

I'm watching the show on Crunchyroll và it looks bad. Like it's 480p. Every other show looks good. Anyone else have sầu this problem or is this how it's supposed to lớn be?

That response makes no sense khổng lồ me... your telling me that things can’t be reanimated or edited after it was made months in advance

Can we just talk about how Jiren actually attacked the people sitting in the benches and neither Daishinkan nor the Xenos said or did anything about it? Rethành viên how Frost was obliterated when trying to lớn attack from the benches?

Those two really don't equate to the same thing. The individuals in the stands aren't competing, so if they were injured/killed, it'd not affect the tournament directly. However, if someone from the stands was trying to take out individuals competing, then you'd have sầu direct interference of non-competing individuals on the outcome of the tournament.

WAIT......did I miss something? Was that jiren with that final blast that caused goku khổng lồ get K.O’d?!? I thought it was Frieza or something....

The blaông chồng & red bit was Goku feeling the pressure of UI on his toàn thân. Whis sorta mentions it when he talks about the "limit breaking" power of the gods.

We all saw frieza coming, but I'm extremely disappointed that they went with 17 surviving. Kind of undermines his entire "character development" this season.

Belhack is right though, Jiren is running out of time. I kind of wish that goku would have fallen off at this point, và left it down lớn only 17 and frieza.

I don't think 17 character development suffers from this.

He DID put is life on the line & was ready to lớn sacrifice himself for the good of others.