Ielts Listening Recent Actual Tests

Improve sầu your IELTS listening skill và boost your IELTS listening score to B& 7 or higher with authentic IELTS listening thử nghiệm with answers


Listen to lớn Audio và answer the questions below.

• Complete the khung below.• Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.

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Able Employment Agency – Application Form

Full name: James ______1_______

Address: ___2______ Rd.. Melford MF4 5JB

Liên hệ number: ________3_______

Qualifications: – A levels

– diploma of ________4_____

– certificate of _____5______ skills

Experience: – general work in a _______6____ (3 months)

– part-time job as a ___7________ guide

Interests: – thành viên of a/an _______8______ club

– enjoys playing ________9_____ (10 years)

Date available: ______10_________

Section 2

Questions 11 – 20

Question 11 – 16

Instructions to follow

• Complete the table below• Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.

Name of Cruise

Length of Cruise

Cost per person

Extras included in price

Mitre Peak Lodge



tour of old ………12………..

Milford Sound

3 days


lessons of ………….14……..


4 days


climbing ………..16…………

Questions 17 – 20

Instructions to lớn follow

• Choose the correct letters. A, B or C.

17. The boats have

A. showers, TVs & adtiện ích ios.

B. TVs và radgame ios.

C. showers & radquả táo.

18. Visitors khổng lồ fairy falls will try to

A. swyên ổn in the alpine water.

B. catch alpine water in a cup.

C. fill containers with alpine water.

19. Meals are served

A. for one hour.

B. for half an hour.

C. for an hour và a half.

trăng tròn. The guests are asked to

A. wash their dishes.

B. prepare some meals.

C. put their dishes away.

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Section 3

Questions 21 – 30

Questions 21 – 26

Instructions to lớn follow

• Choose SIX answers from the các mục below and write the correct letter. A-C next to Questions 21-26.

At which college are the following features recommended?


A at Forth College

B at Haines College

C at both Forth and

Haines Colleges


student support services: ……..21……..

residential accommodation: …….22……….

online resources: ……..23……..

libraries: ……..24……….

teaching staff: …….25………

retìm kiếm record: .. …..26……….

Questions 27 – 30

Instructions to lớn follow

• Choose the correct letters. A, B or C.

27.David is concerned that he may feel

A. unmotivated.

B. isolated.

C. competitive.

28. In the future. Dr. Smith thinks Day id should aim to

A. vị further research.

B. publish articles.

C. get teaching work.

29. What does Dr. Smith think has improved masters’ study in recent years?

A.the development of the internet

B. the growth of flexible courses

C. the introduction of changes in assessment

30. David would lượt thích to improve the way he

A. takes notes in lectures.

B. writes up assignments.

C. manages his time.

Section 4

Questions 31 – 40

Questions 31 – 32

Instructions to follow

• Choose the correct letters, A, B or C.

31. Compared to harvesting on l&, harvesting at sea is

A. more difficult

B. less difficult

C. the same

32. Oceanographers help sailors by

A. Studying the movement of ships

B. Researching ocean temperatures

C. Predicting currents và winds

Questions 32 – 37

Instructions to lớn follow

• Complete the table below.• Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.

Important Early Oceanographers


Palace of Birth

Major contribution


Isle of ….._______33__________

______34__________of oceanography



tidal ________35__________và currents



studied many marine _________37________

Questions 38 – 40

Instructions lớn follow

• Choose THREE letters A-G .

Which THREE areas of study are mentioned as a part of ocean waste disposal?

A. when khổng lồ dump waste

B. the effects of nuclear waste burial

C. the diffusion và mixing of waste

D. the transportation of nuclear waste

E. acceptable levels of waste contamination

F. where to bury nuclear waste

G. other ways of disposing waste