How lớn save sầu the license for macerafilmizle.com Internet Security for Android when restoring your device khổng lồ factory settings

Baông chồng khổng lồ "Additional settings"

When you restore your device khổng lồ factory settings, the macerafilmizle.com Internet Security for Android app will be deleted, along with any license information. To save your current license, vì one of the following before resetting your device:

Find the activation code that was used to activate the tiện ích.

To learn how to connect the app khổng lồ My macerafilmizle.com, see this guide. 

Your license information will be saved on My macerafilmizle.com. 

After resetting your device:

Connect the application to your My macerafilmizle.com tài khoản. 

Your license information will be sent from My macerafilmizle.com khổng lồ your device.

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If you don’t know where lớn find the activation code, see the sections below: 

After resetting your device:

After activating the app successfully, your license information will be restored.

If you bought the ứng dụng in the macerafilmizle.com online store, your activation code will be in an tin nhắn sent to the address you used when making your purchase.If you bought the ứng dụng on My macerafilmizle.com, or connected it lớn My macerafilmizle.com at a later time, go khổng lồ the Licenses tab & find the activation code in the license information section.


If you bought a boxed version of the product, you will find your activation code on the Quick Start Guide inside the box.


If you bought a license renewal card, see the code on the baông chồng of the thẻ.

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If you can’t find your activation code, send us a screenshot with the key for your license:

In the main window of the ứng dụng, tap
.Tap the subscription information. Tap 


Take a screenshot of the window that opens. Example: 


If you purchased the code:From a different online or offline store, contact them directly.

If you upgraded to lớn premium in the Google Play Store, send a request lớn macerafilmizle.com technical tư vấn via My macerafilmizle.com. Include in your request:

The gmail address registered with your Google account.

For instructions on how to use My macerafilmizle.com, see the Online Help page.