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If you walk past the Kiehl’s stores recently, you may notice these purple jars that khung the centrepiece of the store. These purple jars hold the recently launched Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream, which targets & proposes to lớn correct all visible signs of aging. Aging! Now, more than ever I feel it haha! So, my interest was piqued.

You see, this super cream not only lifts, but sculpts, firms và smoothens skin with their dynamic trio of beech tree extract, jasmonic acid và hyaluronic acid. Wow, wow and wow. Your interest piqued too?


This cream claims that you will see results with just 2 weeks of use, and you only use it once a day. Use it at night, because it is a repair cream. But you know what? I took the 2 week challenge và I didn’t think much of it.

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So, I decided khổng lồ stretch it out longer. Took it for a one month whirl instead.

After more than one month, I can tell you that this is, as the name implies, a corrective sầu cream. Therefore, you young ‘uns with no lines, sagging skin or any visible signs of aging, need not apply. I’m serious. If you want lớn protect, go use something else. This is for the more mature crowd. Ahem. Moi
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