Canon EF-S 18-200m f/3.5-5.6 IS EF-s (for APS-C DSLRs only, 72milimet filters, 21.0oz/596g, 1.5"/0.45m cchiến bại focus, $699 or about $250 used if you know How lớn Win at eBay). enlarge. I"d get it at at Amazon, at Adorama, at B&H or used at eBay if you know How lớn Win at eBay.

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This lens does it all for Canon"s 1.6x consumer DSLRs. It focuses super fast, zooms from wide-angle lớn super-telephoto lớn, and gets cthảm bại enough for macro shots. It could be the only lens you ever need for most Canon DSLRs.

It"s a great lens, but has one potentially serious flaw in the AF system for many users.

The Canon 18-200 IS has the old AF system that moves the focus ring as the AF works, so you have sầu to keep your hands off of it as it moves.

Worse, cannot turn this ring for manual focus unless you first move a switch khổng lồ disengage the AF motor.

This is a serious shortcoming compared khổng lồ Nikon"s 18-200mm VR, on which you the focus ring never turns unless you move sầu it, và which you may move sầu at any time for instant manual override.

On this Canon, the AF mechanism is far more primitive sầu. It"s quite a pain to have to stay clear of the focus ring during AF, & have to move a switch lớn get lớn manual focus. Poo.

Three years after Nikon"s 18-200mm VR, Canon finally has a do-everything lens for its 1.6x consumer DSLRs. With all respect to Canon, Canon has had the world"s first 28-135milimet IS lens for film and full-frame cameras since the 1990s, for which Nikon had no equivalent until Nikon"s crummy 24-120mm VR of 2003.

Compatibility: The EF-S 18-200mm IS only works on Canon small-format 1.6x digital cameras, like all the digital Rebels & 20D, 30D, 40D và 50D. It won"t even mount on film, 1.3x or full-frame cameras. It will not mount on the older D30, D60 or 10D either.

Specifications top


Focal Length


When used on a Canon 1.6x camera, it gives angles-of-view similar to what a 29-320mm lens does when used on a film or full-frame camera.


16 elements in 12 groups.

2 are of UD (magic) glass and 2 aspherical elements.

5-group helical zoom.

Cthua trận Focus

1.5 feet (0.45m).

Maximum Reproduction Ratio



Canon claims round.


Canon 18-200milimet IS. enlarge.

Filter Threads



Do not rotate with focus or zoom

Do not move with focus, but vày move in và out with zoom.


3.1" (78.6mm) diameter.

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4.0" (100.5m) extension from flange, mix to 18milimet.

6.8" (172.5mm) maximum overall mix to lớn 200mm.


21.040 oz (596.5g) measured

Canon specifies 21.0 oz. (595g).


26 August 2008.


October 2008.

Canon Item Code


Price, USA

January 2020

$699 at Amazon, at Adorama and at B&H.

July 2009


August 2008 (Introduction)

MSRP.. $699 USA, 89,000 Yen (Japan).


Canon 18-200 IS. enlarge.



The Canon 18-200mm IS is a sharp lens with a huge zoom range, super-fast AF & very cthua kém macro focusing It has a healthy dose of distortion at some settings as expected, but its only real downfall are the primitive sầu AF mechanics.



AF is just about instantaneous. it"s also very accurate.

Keep your hands off the focus ring, which rotates during AF.

Manual Focus

The focus ring moves fast và easily, but that"s the problem. It rotates less than 1/8 of a turn to bring you from infinity to 1.5 feet ((45cm), which makes it nearly imposs9ble lớn focus precisely at the longer focal lengths.

The 18-200milimet IS is optimized for AF, not manual focus.

AF/MF Switching

You have sầu lớn move sầu a switch — drats!

There is no instant override as on better Canon lenses.

Worse, you need to lớn stay clear of the focus ring in AF mode.

This is the saddest part of this lens. I consider this a serious oversight, especially when the Nikon 18-200mm VR does this all automatically.

The AF system of Canon 18-200mm IS harkens baông chồng to Canon"s first AF lenses of 1987.



Ryan and Dad at the Beach, 24 June 2009. note curved horizon. enlarge. (Canon T1i, 18-200milimet IS at 35milimet.)

Distortion is usually invisible, but if you have a straight line running along an edge, you may see it. The photo above sầu shows it at its worst, and unless you"re shooting buildings for a living, not as bad as I make it out to be.

As expected, there is barrel distortion at the wide over, & a lot of pincushion distortion throughout the rest of the range as shown above sầu. The barrel distortion is complex, making it difficult to lớn correct with simple tools.

If you worry, use these values in Photosiêu thị CS2 & newer"s Lens Distortion Correction tool.