New gyms and fitness studios in singapore: where to workout for strength, weight loss, and cardio

Health & Wellness DNA Test

A simple cheek swab to lớn find out your genetic profile for optimal performance, weight loss và nutrition. Discover even more about  what your genes say about appetite, behaviour, găng và more. 

3D Scanner

Go through our State of the Art Body macerafilmizle.composition Analysis. The scan provides over 200 accurate toàn thân measurements, allowing you to lớn & traông chồng your changes from scan khổng lồ scan.  From losing weight khổng lồ building muscle, the 3D scans can tell you how your body is changing with your fitness routine, và will help you see progress right before your eyes.

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personal consultation

Consult with a  sports doctor at Parkway Shenton Sports Medicine Clinic for clinically supervised meal plans designed just for you. Your Resting Metabolic Rate (the rate at which your body burns calories and uses oxygen during rest) will be measured  and assembled inlớn a personalised programme to maximise your potential.

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boditrax assessment

15 readings in 30 seconds. reviews results, mix goals và trachồng progress on the go. Clinically validated precision body macerafilmizle.composition công nghệ for you khổng lồ always stay on trachồng. All your results will be automatically synced khổng lồ the ứng dụng so you can traông chồng your body macerafilmizle.composition data và fitness achievements on the go.

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bespoke personal training

Personalised training by our highly certified Fitness Coaches khổng lồ attain and surpass your goals. Using results và readings from our state of the art toàn thân macerafilmizle.composition measurement machines, our Personal Trainers will devise a fitness programme that is catered to lớn you, & you only.

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