From fangs khổng lồ claws to lớn venomous stings, they all wield deadly weapons. But which creature will be crowned the fiercest of all?


Rhinos & Indian leopards are a threat, but how bởi vì they stack up against Asian forest centipedes, orangutans & flower urchins?


Golden eagles, coconut crabs, sharks & camel spiders face off for most terrifying against sun bears & saltwater crocodiles.

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Slow lorises, plague-bearing blaông xã rats, fat-tailed scorpions, Indian cobras, poisonous toads & stingrays vie for the top spot.

Langur monkeys, tigers, Joro spiders và tomistomas compete with Asian needle ants, otters and king cobras for first place.

Will top honors be won by water buffaloes, needlefish, toxic crabs, mugger crocodiles, box jellyfish or reticulated pythons?

Cone snails, Asian blachồng bears, red pandas & deadly coral snakes battle Eurasian lynxes, Asian elephants and red lionfish.

Facing off for top predator status are Asiatic lions, Komodo dragons, electric rays, golden jackals, wolverines, striped eel catfish & brown bears.

The field narrows as wild boars, feral dogs, pufferfish, Indian red scorpions, Asian tiger mosquitoes and comtháng kraits square off.

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The formidable features of wolves, stonefish & Malayan porcupines are compared against those of sloth bears, gibbons & snow leopards.

Honey badgers don't care, but Russell's vipers, triggerfish, macaques, yaks and blue-ringed octopuses nearly match their daunting reputation.

Giant moray eels compete with gaurs, banded sea kraits, Asian forest scorpions, gharials, billfish & Asian giant hornets in the final round.

The 72 most formidable wild animals in Asia have been profiled and the finalists selected -- but only one can be named most dangerous.

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