Test Liên Quân Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Giá 998K Trên Lazada, Shopee

Celebrating its 10th birthday with a resounding blowout is e-commerce giant Lazada. To get everyone in a festive mood, there will be a Lazadomain authority 3.27 birthday sale và Xiaomi has decided to slash its products’ prices to participate in the festivities. Here are the items members of our team are eager khổng lồ add khổng lồ cart.

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Top Xiaomày Picks During The Lazada 3.27 Birthday Sale

Redngươi Note 11

(from Php 9,499 to Php 8,899)

The Redmày cảnh báo 11 is a sub PHP 10K phone that we found khổng lồ be a reasonable standard for the mid-range segment in our review. With further reductions in price, we recommkết thúc this even more strongly now. It has a 6.43-inch FHD+ display with AMOLED công nghệ punching way above its weight. The Snapdragon 680 inside powers the device khổng lồ persize smoothly all throughout. Pictures taken with the 50-megapx quad AI shooter are impressive at this price point, while microSD card expansion reassures you of space lớn store those photos. There isn’t much more you can ask from an all-around device that you won’t be too afraid of losing or dropping.

Add it khổng lồ cart here. These sold extremely well over the past year so many will be awaiting these during the Lazadomain authority 3.27 Xiaomi Sale.


Xiaomày 11T

(from Php 21,990 to Php trăng tròn,359)

At double the price of the previous điện thoại thông minh in this các mục, the 11T may seem to lớn be a bit expensive. However, it’s a flagship-killer capable of slaying phones twice its price. With a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate, viewing nội dung on this device is an absolute treat. The leviathan Dimensity 1200-Ultra keeps everything running smooth without any hiccups, and its definitely capable of gaming. Keep in mind that this is basically on-par with a last-generation flagship chipmix, which is still plenty powerful by today’s standards. The cameras are excellent as well, and it passes all our tests with flying colors.

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Xiaomày Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro

(from Php 599 to Php 349)

This is one of those purchases where you just go “why not?” The Mi Wifi Range Extender Pro can tư vấn up to 300 Mbps connections and 24 Devices. All you need khổng lồ bởi is plug it inkhổng lồ the wall & quickly set it up with your home page Wi-Fi. It will then extend the range. This is optimal for larger households or other commercial spaces as it kills dead zones for the internet and provides access for everyone. It’s also much cheaper than a MESH thiết đặt.

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Xiaongươi Redngươi Buds 3 Lite 

(from Php 1,199 to Php 999)

The 3.5milimet audio jaông xã is disappearing rather quickly from new devices. That’s because we’ve sầu entered the age of wireless audio. These Xiaongươi Redmày Buds 3 Lite now only come in at below PHP. 1K but possess the lakiểm tra Công nghệ Bluetooth 5.2 công nghệ, ensuring a stable connection. With an IP54 rating, you can use these even if it drizzles during your jog or on trips to lớn the gym. The 5 hours of battery life are also a pleasant addition. Competitive di động gamers will also happy to know that these possess a low latency mode for minimal delays during gaming sessions. All this at a solid price point.

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Xiaongươi Mi Smart Bvà 6

(from Php 1,990 to lớn Php 1,299)

Anyone who routinely goes on jogs, walks, or gym trips will find a smart b& lớn be useful. It doesn’t have sầu the attention-grabbing kích cỡ of a full-sized smartwatch và are often priced more affordably. This 6th iteration of the Mi Smart Bvà 6 has a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen with 321 PPI. 30 prebuilt workout modes are available along with SpO2 tracking, sleep monitoring, và other necessary alerts. With up lớn 14 days of use & submersion of 50 meters, you won’t really be thinking too hard about what you have on your wrist. For some, it may even be a lifestyle necessity they never knew they needed until they got one. Will this be your lifestyle companion?