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Ludovic Tran, avid climber và the former co-owner of Decibel, lớn get some tips on how khổng lồ get inkhổng lồ climbing in Ho Chi Minch City

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What’s your advice for people who want lớn go on climbing trips in Vietnam?

The climbing scene outside Hanoi and Ho Chi Minch City is not as developed as Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan or France. It can be hard for them khổng lồ find and vet qualified staff so it can be a bit dodgy sometimes, you need lớn be careful. If there were more regulation and help for climbing outfits in Vietphái mạnh it would develop a lot faster.

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Any other tips on climbing?

It’s also the psychological side of it that is really interesting and plays a big role. There is the fear of falling that can be very challenging & that you have sầu to constantly try to overcome if you don’t want to lớn get stuông chồng at some point (the mind game becomes much harder in lead climbing outdoors). And then the perseverance is important, the concentration & confidence. Believing in yourself is fundamental & one of the strengths of good climbers. That’s why you’ll always see climbers cheering and supporting each other while in difficulty. I think it’s a very cool side of roông xã climbing. It’s always much better when you climb with friends.

Photo lớn Credits: Ludovic Tran Ludovic goes lớn three different gyms in the city khổng lồ set it up and practice different skillsets.

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Where to roông xã climb in Ho Chi Minch City


X-Roông xã was one of the first climbing gyms in the city and has the highest wall available. It’s well-built with overhanging sections that are good for reproducing the conditions of climbing outside a thể hình. It’s known for being professional & good about safety standards. (All the places in the article are good about this, though). The offer both day passes và memberships. All new climbers need khổng lồ take a safety & belay course khổng lồ start out.

Location: 75 Nguyen Dinc Chieu, District 3, Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam

Vertical Academy

Vertical Academy is indoors và has both wall climbing & bouldering. The wall is not super high but it offers variation as far as technical difficulty goes và the routes are changed often, which keeps it challenging. They host events & competitions where you can get lớn know other people of all skill levels interested in climbing.

Location: 18 Truc Duong, District 2, Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam

Push Climbing at Saigon Outcast

Located at Saigon Outcast, Push Climbing is a great place lớn put climbing with friends into practice, even if they’re just having a beer và cheering you on. It’s a high outdoor wall, and they frequently have classes, events & competitions, including speed climbing, crate stacking, Girls Got Power nguồn on Wednesdays (không tính tiền for ladies) & Man Up (không tính phí for guys) on Thursdays.

Location: Saigon Outcast 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, District 2, Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam