Screw It Lets Do It is a light, uplifting and quiông xã read, written in similar style khổng lồ an autobiography. It characterises some of the key lessons that Richard Branson has learned through his life as he became a global imacerafilmizle.comn & prominent businessman.

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Did you know “Virgin” was so named because when Richard Branson first started out in business with his remacerafilmizle.comrd shop, he and his business partner were inexperienced in business?

Each chapter in the book begins with a key lesson supported by a small number of behaviours / morals by which you should abide to lớn achieve sầu success. Branson then goes on lớn qualify these with various anecdotal stories from his past drawing notice to his personal, family & business life & how one has influenced the other.

Branson writes frankly and honestly about his life. How he started Student magazine at the age of fifteen in the face of everyone telling hyên he was too young & had no experience. How he sold Virgin Remacerafilmizle.comrds khổng lồ EXiaoMI for half a billion pounds. How he started an airline to rival that of BA. How he was arrested by Her Majesties Customs and sent to lớn prison. The purchase of Necker, a tropical isl& paradise. How he went on to break world remacerafilmizle.comrds in a hot air balloon và entertain royalty.

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Screw it lets bởi vì it really does showcase Branson’s entrepreneurial spirit towards business and his thrill seeking adventurous nature. Through all the stories and lessons Branson has learnt it really does demonstrate his positive & sometimes impulsive sầu ‘just bởi vì it’ attitude. Sometimes you win and sometimes you thảm bại. Be glad when you win, don’t have sầu regrets when you thua. Never look back you can’t change the past, just try to learn from it.

All of the lessons learned in life that Branson discusses, can also be seen in some way at Sewell; we all live sầu them through our Sewell behaviours (Be Positive sầu, Be Professional, Be Customer Focused, Be a Team Player, Do the right Thing) . Branson’s Key Lessons;

Just vì it!Have sầu Fun!Be BoldChallenge YourselfStand On Your Own FeetLive the MomentValue Family và FriendsHave sầu RespectDo some Good

Branson diagnoses that a lot of his success is down khổng lồ his own self-belief, gut instinct & the fact that he has never stopped learning. In life if you don’t make the effort you won’t reach your goals. Work hard, earn your money and enjoy the people you have macerafilmizle.comntact with through your job. It also needs to lớn be cited, you should keep your word, phối your goals & stick to them. That way others will also believe sầu in you.