So Good They Can'T Ignore You

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love

“Follow Your Passion” is Bad Advice. Here is What You Should Do Instead…

In this eye-opening trương mục, Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice. Not only is the cliche flawed—preexisting passions are rare and have sầu little to bởi with how most people over up loving their work—but it can also be dangerous, leading lớn anxiety and chronic job hopping.

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After making his case against passion, Newport sets out on a quest lớn discover the reality of how people kết thúc up loving what they vì chưng. Spending time with organic farmers, venture capitalists, screenwriters, freelance computer programmers, & others who admitted to lớn deriving great satisfaction from their work, Newport uncovers the strategies they used and the pitfalls they avoided in developing their compelling careers.

Matching your job to a preexisting passion does not matter, he reveals. Passion comes after you put in the hard work khổng lồ become excellent at something valuable, not before. In other words, what you vì chưng for a living is much less important than how you do it.

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With a title taken from the comedian Steve Martin, who once said his advice for aspiring entertainers was to lớn “be so good they can’t ignore you,” Cal Newport’s clearly written manifesto is mandatory reading for anyone fretting about what to lớn bởi with their life, or frustrated by their current job situation and eager to find a fresh new way lớn take control of their livelihood. He provides an evidence-based blueprint for creating work you love sầu.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You will change the way we think about our careers, happiness, and the crafting of a remarkable life.

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“Written in an optimistic và accessible tone, with clear ngắn gọn xúc tích và no-nonsense advice, this work is useful reading for anyone new khổng lồ the job market và striving khổng lồ find a path or for those who have been struggling to find meaning in their current careers.”—Publishers Weekly

“This is a great guide for young professionals in the art of doing. My hunch is that anyone with the incentive khổng lồ piông chồng up a business book and read it (when your peers are likely off doing other things) is an early sign that doing won’t be an issue for you. From there, the book offers solid advice on what steps to lớn take to lớn improve sầu your career path.”—800-CEO-READ

“Stop worrying about what you feel lượt thích doing (và what the world owes you) và instead, start creating something meaningful và then give it to the world. Cal really delivers with this one.”—Seth Godin, author, Linchpin

“Entrepreneurial professionals must develop a competitive sầu advantage by building valuable skills. This book offers advice based on retìm kiếm và reality–not meaningless platitudes– on how lớn invest in yourself in order to stand out from the crowd. An important guide to lớn starting up a remarkable career.”—Reid Hoffman, co-founder và chairman of LinkedIn và co-author of the bestselling The Start-Up of You: Adapt lớn the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career

“Do what you love & the money will follow’ sounds like great advice—until it’s time lớn get a job và disillusionment quickly sets in. Cal Newport ably demonstrates how the quest for ‘passion’ can corrode job satisfaction. If all he accomplished with this book was lớn turn conventional wisdom on its head, that would be interesting enough. But he goes further—offering advice và examples that will help you bypass the disillusionment và get right to work building skills that matter.”—Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive & A Whole New Mind

“This book changed my mind. It has moved me from ‘find your passion, so that you can be useful’ to lớn ‘be useful so that you can find your passion.’ That is a big flip, but it’s more honest, & that is why I am giving each of my three young adult children a copy of this unorthodox guide.”—Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverichồng, WIRED magazine

“First book in years I read twice, khổng lồ make sure I got it. Brilliant counter-intuitive sầu career insights. Powerful new ideas that have already changed the way I think of my own career, & the advice I give sầu others.”—Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby

“Newport has taken the well-worn idea of following one’s passion and flipped it on its ear…và it is a flip that has been sorely needed. With practical advice backed up by proven examples, So Good They Can’t Ignore You is both an unconventional và fresh take on the area of work & lifestyle thiết kế. An absolute must-read.”—Mike Vardy, Lifehaông chồ

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So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You LoveBy Cal NewportHardcover, 304 pages (ISBN: 978-1455509126)E-Book (ISBN: 978-1455509102)Audiobook (ISBN: 978-1619692015)Published by: Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book GroupPublication Date: September 18, 2012