St. Ives Green Tea Scrub helps to gently clear breakouts and soothe irritation caused by acne. Formulated with a blemish-fighting solution and 100 percent natural green tea, the scrub exfoliates và soothes skin. Green tea also helps lớn protect skin from harmful environmental factors and miễn phí radicals that are known lớn age skin. Oil, paraben & phthalate-không tính phí. The formula is also dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic.

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I have sầu been using this facial scrub on & off for approximately 6 years now & I love sầu it. This scrub is great for daily use.It's not overly harsh, và its perfect for skin on the more sensitive sầu side. The scent is delightful; refreshing yet calming. I think the formula consistency is perfect and the green colour is fun!I will always purchase this sản phẩm, as it works perfectly for me.


This is a wonderful scrub/exfoliator & perfect for oily and acne prone skin types. It has fine particles so it is not abrasive against the skin, yet it is still effective sầu at providing a good exfoliation. My skin always feels super smooth and refreshed after using this, it does not feel tight or dry which is macerafilmizle.comtháng with some cleansers or scrubs out there. It is a thiông chồng green paste with a lovely fresh green tea & tropical fruity scent which is not overwhelming and does not linger around. Its great that it macerafilmizle.comes in asqueeze bottle making it easy khổng lồ use và preventing the risk of contamination. It is super gentle on skin making it perfect for sensitive sầu skin types. So far really impressed will definitley be repurchasing :)

Ideal For...:
sensitive , oily , acne prone skin

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16 Jun 2019 9:42 PM
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Gentle yet effective face scrub

I love sầu st ives apricot scrub so i decided to give sầu this a go. It is finer in texture macerafilmizle.compared khổng lồ apricot scrub thus making it a gentle everyday scrub. It has funky green color but very refreshing scent. I love sầu to use this in shower mostly 2 to 3 times a week. It leaves my skin so soft yet clean và tight but without the dryness. I love sầu how my skin feels và looks after regular use of this scrub. I would highly remacerafilmizle.commover this to people with acne prone skin for whom the apricot scrub would be too abrasive sầu as it has done wonders for my skin. It works as a two in one-Scrub và cleanser. It is great product & very affordable và accessible. Would highly remacerafilmizle.commover lớn everyone!

Ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá For...:
Acne prone or sensitive sầu skin

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28 Feb 2019 12:27 PM
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A calming & delightful scrub

The instant this sản phẩm touched my skin, I was in love sầu.The particles are tiny, & not in short supply, paired with the paste lượt thích consistency the scrub gets everywhere you need it to.The scrub isn’t too coarse và leaves your skin feeling awake and bright as opposed khổng lồ scrubbed dry.You can instantly feel your skin opening up when you apply the product, và is easily washed away with running water. But vị make sure khổng lồ scrub around your eyebrows and nose a little bit more khổng lồ remove any extra hàng hóa.

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I love sầu lớn use the sản phẩm 1 - 2 times a week as opposed lớn the suggested 3-4.

Any Tips?:
Use in the morning to lớn wake up yourself và your skin.
Igiảm giá khuyến mãi For...:
Any skin type

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12 Jan 2019 1:15 AM
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Baông xã lớn basics skin care!

For the past year or so I have been using all sorts of "lotions và potions" on my quest for amazing skin.

I am in my late twenties but still suffering from breakouts and congested skin, I had been using a lot of serums that are meant lớn help with these issues lượt thích lactic acid, sacylic acid etc while I found my skin felt nicer over all there was no reduction in my breakouts, in fact they seemed to lớn be worse.

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I read an article about a lady in a simmiler situation, she advised she had gone back to lớn basics, a gentle scrub, a mousitriser and a spot treatment & found her skin has been responding much better so I decided lớn give it a try.

I got this St Ives as it seemed the most "baông chồng lớn basics" which no nasties I could find and I'm glad I did,

The forumla smells great, it is all really gentle on the skin, it gives a very gentle exfoliation (not harsh like the apricot scrub) and after about two weeks of use I have really noticed how much clearer my skin looks! I've sầu gone from a cleanser with a $100 per bottle price tag to lớn this $10 scub, I am paying a tenth of the price but getting ten times the results! I am in love & will be stocking up!

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