Vitamin tree water gel

Skincare as always been a learning ground for me. I’ve sầu had a lot of ups and downs and just this year <20đôi mươi, yes our least favorite year> was I able to finally went deeper with how my skin really works & which product/ingredients works for me best!

I’m not sure how you’ll react but I hope you are reading this: I got to know more about the product when I’ve sầu already finished using it! Yes, I said that out loud . I got this hàng hóa last year, it was around August 2019 but started using it in November 2019, và I’ve finished it last March 20trăng tròn by using it on & off . I’ll have sầu to lớn cut off here, don’t want to bore you to death và I hope you read until My Experience part!

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Texture & Scent

Since is this review has been way overdue, I wasn’t able lớn snap the product texture! It’s a water gel so you’d expect a warm shade translucent thichồng gel texture. The scent is kind of earthy, very subtle, và doesn’t linger when applied.

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My Experience

It wasn’t love sầu at first use. I experienced stinging on my breakout-prone area but I continued using it. It was also an on và off kind of thing because I was too occupied trying out other products . It was wintertime when I first used this so I needed a richer moisturizer that won’t clog my pores. I have sầu a combination to lớn oily và dehydrated skin so I’m prone lớn flakiness và irritation without the proper moisture. Some review said that this wasn’t enough during the winter season but I guess for my skin it worked pretty well!

I continued using this one even with the slight stinging that dissipates after a few minutes. It’s easy lớn spread as it has a gel texture & is absorbed by the skin pretty well with no sticky residue. I mostly use this at night so I always wake up with plumper skin in the morning! I did not experience breaking out & it’s a big giảm giá khuyến mãi for me as I’m prone khổng lồ breaking out with moisturizers! It really does gives off a cooling sensation when applied to lớn the skin and add that up with extra soothing care. Luckily for me, I experienced using this during winter in Dubai, & winter-season-but-it-still-feels-like-summer in the Philippines . Both seasons worked for me but I kind of enjoyed this much during summertime!

The silly part is that I never knew this had a Vitamin C in it, listed second to lớn the last in the ingredients danh mục, và Vitamin Tree or Sea Buckthorn is known to be rich in Vitamin C. I wasn’t that too knowledgeable & I was too excited khổng lồ use it I didn’t check the ingredients, I was too hasty & it felt lượt thích my knowledge in skincare was still so young . I’m just glad nothing bad happened to my skin & at least now I know my skin can tolerate this kind of ingredient!

Rating on every major benefit claimed by the product:

Excellent moisturizing effects ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5Brightening effects ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 *note: I didn’t see any brightening effects after using a whole tub.

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Individuals that can’t tolerate Vitamin C should bởi more further retìm kiếm or at least try out their samples first before purchasing the bigger ones.

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Disclaimer: This wasn’t gifted nor was purchased, this was a sample product for sản phẩm curations from a previous store.

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