Vợ chồng son

My mom always urged me to get a wife so she phối me up with lots of girls & I always said no.

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My sister told me "There"s a pretty girl teaching in her school."

"She has been chased by many people but no one succeeded."

I told my sister "She"s just a countryside girl. It"s not hard lớn win her over. Let me bởi vì it."

I used lớn hear her talk about her brother that she has one who"s living in here.

I thought that her older brother already got married & have sầu kids.

After Tet holiday, I was baông chồng khổng lồ teach in school. She asked me "Are you gonmãng cầu be home page this afternoon?".

"I"ll bring my brother lớn meet you."

Then I asked her "Your brother has a wife and a kid already. Why do you bring hlặng to my house?"

So she said "No, he doesn"t have sầu a wife. Let me take hyên ổn to meet you.

Then that afternoon, a group of people arrived at my house.

She & her husbvà, him và his friends.

They came và we all just talked normally. We work in the same school...

but I have just worked with her for a couple of months.

You look fine. You didn"t have any chasers or what? Why did you need to be set up with someone?

There were someone chasing me. When I used khổng lồ be a teacher in the countryside so I had my own status.

Of course, you did.

I used lớn teach English so I had a lot of chasers.

- But you didn"t know which one lớn choose, did you? - Yes. That"s true.

My father used to say "They"re all just "Nam le bay le" boys."

In the north, we gọi "Nam le, cất cánh le" which is for boys who don"t...

- Who is wild? - Yes.

- Their personalities are not... - Normal?

One is not normal and the other is something else.

What did you think when you first met your husband? Was he like them?

He was better than them. This big.

- Then how much is he? Eight? - Or nine?

- I guess it"s eight. - What"s your impression of her?

My opinion was that a woman"s look doesn"t matter. She just needs lớn be pretty.

- Is that so? That means your wife matched your opinion - No, she didn"t.

I don"t want a girl who is short & short-sighted.

It was unlucky for me to meet this girl who is not short but also short-sighted.

At the over of the meeting, I didn"t even consider going out with my wife.

- So she was not your type, right? - Yes.

- Be short and have sầu short-sighted? - Yes.

You didn"t have any impression about her. Why did you decide to go out with her?

I didn"t even want to get her number.

My friends asked me "Why don"t you take her phone number khổng lồ keep contact?" at the kết thúc of the meeting.

That"s why I went and took her number.

Later on, my friends & I went out drinking.

He encouraged me to sover her a text và she replied to lớn me.

So I asked her out for a coffee.

That"s our second date. Another date is when she came lớn have sầu a meal at my house. Then I went to lớn the south.

- Yes. Then how long? - When did you decide lớn go out?

From the day we met khổng lồ the day we got married, it"s 5 months.

Gosh! For those 5 months, how many times were you together?

He made an effort lớn go home. He visits trang chính once a month.

- You were baông chồng trang chính lượt thích 5 times. - Every time I"m back, I stay for 5-7 days.

- It"s 7x5=35. So you met her for 35 days. - I met her every day

- Yes. - It was 35 times.

What did you vị on your date? Where did you take each other to?

- 35 times so there gotta be something changed. - There"s no way they"re all the same.

- Go drinking coffee, hold hands or... - My life is unlucky.

- Your life is unlucky? - Tell me what is your unluckiest thing?

Her father watched us a lot so I couldn"t do anmacerafilmizle.comng.

You couldn"t bởi anmacerafilmizle.comng?

With such long distance và every time you meet, there"s her father, right?

It"s really quiông xã for you lớn decide lớn get married.

Why"s that?

I decided that we were just gonna get to lớn know a little about each other và then got married.

- I think that it was not hard for you to get married, right? - Yes.

The hard part is of going baông chồng lớn your hometown and asks for permission khổng lồ get married, right?

After getting married, you moved to work in Ho Chi Minch City right?

- Yes. - Of course.

- So you had lớn quick your teaching job... - Your career?

That"s true. When we went out, there"s disapproval from my family.

Because he lives far from me và I already had a stable job in the north.

My father told me "He lives too far & he works as a communication executive sầu so he must travel a lot."

He was afraid that my husb& would cheat on me.

I just ignored my father & said nothing.

After a while, he didn"t say about it any more.

You agreed to lớn leave sầu evermacerafilmizle.comng behind to lớn be with hyên, didn"t you?

When you came here lớn live with your husband with just a short time of trying khổng lồ know one another...

bởi vì you have sầu any problem or issues?

I think that if you know something too well, it"s not gonmãng cầu be good anymore.

If you ask whether or not I understvà her well, I say no.

Let I ask you this. When you live with her, does she have sầu any bad habits?

- She does. - Does she?

- Not pretty? - Yes. It"s kind of bad.

Tell us from the least lớn the worst.

She likes lớn sleep until noon.

- In the north, the weather is nice lớn sleep through. - No. In here she also likes khổng lồ vị that.

- It"s 9am & she hasn"t got up yet. - But she has lớn go khổng lồ teach, right?

- Continue. - She doesn"t know how to lớn cook.

See, she doesn"t know how khổng lồ cook.

There"re 3 sisters in my family. Every little thing my sisters bởi vì them all.

My mother used khổng lồ make me breakfast every morning.

At 12 pm, there would be lunch for me lớn eat. And at night, when I was back from school, it would be same.

Don"t blame others. You have a husband now. Do you know how to lớn boil eggs?

- Do you know how to boil vegetables? - Now, I can cook just fine.

Then it"s okay. She doesn"t know how to lớn cook và likes lớn sleep until noon.

- Careless và casual? - Careless & casual

Your husband says that you"re careless and casual...

She likes lớn leave things careless around the house.

Could you give sầu us an example?

She likes to put things wherever she wants.

Gosh! She likes lớn put things wherever she wants.

- Does she have sầu any more bad habits? - Yes.

Let just see that she has no more. It"s your turn.

Just lượt thích any other men, he likes to lớn play games a lot.

- He"s totally inlớn it. That"s true. - Men are all the same.

When we didn"t know each other, I just heard this from someone else.

There was this online game in which he used to stay up late to lớn steal other people"s stuff.

He must have sầu played Hayday(an online game).

No. It was "Happy farm" or something.

With his roommates, they phối the alarm at 4 am. Then they woke up và started stealing.

- Game and what? - Online game & game can be sold for money.

He played it then later sold it for money which he used to buy a phone.

- Gosh! That"s extreme. He must be good at it. - All he does is playing games.

He has time, you know. He doesn"t have a girlfrikết thúc so, after work, all he does is playing games.

He"s so into games that he forgot about his wife.

She kept it for so long. Now she"s telling evermacerafilmizle.comng.

He tricks me into bed then at night, he would bring his máy vi tính outside the room khổng lồ play.

He was so into lớn that game. On the day I gave birth to our child, there"s my mom came lớn visit me.

I was mad and my mom was even madder than me,

My mom said, "I leave my work to lớn look after her so you could go lớn work."

"If you keep playing games lượt thích this, I"ll go trang chính tomorrow."

"If you keep playing, I"ll throw your máy tính xách tay even though it costs more than 10 million."

"I"ll throw it out so you can"t play anymore."

He quits for a while. When my mom went home page, he continued to play.

(both) It means he still plays it.

- He now plays less than usual. - But still right?

- Playing games. Is he jealous of you? - No. I guess he"s not.

He doesn"t get jealous. It"s still a bad habit.

- Okay. - Is it true?

No. It"s not a bad habit.

- You only get jealous when you"re in love. - No. He just trusts her.

- It"s not usual for men to lớn get jealous. - No jealous no love.

I asked hlặng the other day "You don"t know how khổng lồ get jealous, right?"

"I have my way of jealousy. I don"t need to get jealous over evermacerafilmizle.comng."

- What do you mean by that? - I don"t get jealous at little things.

- Do you get jealous over something big? - No.

He said "If I see with my own eyes that you"re with someone else, you"ll be in big trouble."

That"s a fit of big jealousy. Just wait.

- Besides he doesn"t get jealous, what else? - He"s so inlớn reading comics.

- But it"s a good habit.

- Online sword hero stories which have a thousvà of chapters.

It"s involved games.

So he likes lớn vày things online.

Is your wife jealous of you?

I guess she is because she often checks my phone.

He"s currently learning while working.

And there"s homework to work with other people.

There"s a girl who always texts hlặng on Facebook at 12-1am.

She texted "Hey you." My husbvà replied "Hey". And they started texting to one another with different topics.

I asked "Why are you texting khổng lồ her at midnight?". He said "I saw her text so I replied. It"s nothing".

"It"s about homework và she"s one of my classmate"

So I said "You already created a group khổng lồ chat."

"Why don"t you use it lớn chat? Why vày you chat with her privately?"

He said "It"s nothing."

So I said "You can"t keep letting this happen. What if she wants khổng lồ chase you?"

- He doesn"t even wear his ring, you know. - What? Why?

- He says it aches his heart. - Why?

- Every time I wear my ring it aches my heart. - That"s why he doesn"t wear his ring.

- It makes me hard to lớn breathe. - It makes you hard to lớn breathe?

Wearing his ring makes hlặng hard khổng lồ breathe.

Poor hyên ổn. Let"s take hyên ổn lớn see a doctor.

- Is he romantic? - At first, he used to lớn be.

- Now, he"s forgetful, right? - He"s kind of...

- He"s looking khổng lồ the other way. - Looking at us now.

Don"t hide your face & look at us now.

How long since he started lớn be less lãng mạn lớn you?

Since I gave birth to lớn our second child. I don"t know what happens khổng lồ us.

- Are you sad? - I sometimes am sad.

After being back from work, I have lớn go piông chồng up my babies and bởi the house chores so I don"t have time.

We sometimes plan on going out for a coffee.

However, when we"re baông xã home page and it"s late already so we couldn"t go as plan.

Being thắm thiết doesn"t need to lớn go out for coffee or ice cream.

A kiss before going khổng lồ work from your husb&, it is romance.

When was the last time Mon kissed you?

- He should kiss you before going lớn bed. - He kissed me this morning.

Then he"s thắm thiết. What else do you want?

I guess she wants a kiss plus a bouquet of Gerbera.

A bouquet of Gerbera?

What is it that you want your wife lớn change?

I want her to lớn spend thoughtful, be neater. That"s all I need.

- What about you? - I want hyên to read comics less often.

He takes care of our children and he knows how to lớn bởi things so when I gave birth, he looked after me himself

Then he"s too perfect. What is it that you want hyên ổn to lớn change?

- Or he doesn"t need khổng lồ be changed? - Just be lượt thích that.

Play games less often.

Play games & read comics less often.

- You read about... the other 500 pages should be left out - Only 10 pages.

I just hope you"ll keep being happy this way.

- I wish that you two will be happy. - Thank you.

My first impression of my husb& is that he didn"t talk much.

As I know her better, I think she"s pure. She has evermacerafilmizle.comng that I don"t have sầu.

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"Let"s go out so we could be busier."


Please give sầu a round of applause for the next couple.

- Please introduce yourself. - My name is Vu Thi Tkhô cứng Hien. I"m 27

- I"m an office worker. - My name is Pham Van Muoi Hai. I"m 28

I"m a construction engineer.

The age difference between you isn"t much. Why do you look a lot older than your tiny wife?

- That"s also a reason why we fight every day. - Is that so?

Could I ask the meaning of your name? Is it because you are the twelveth child?

No. In fact, there are 14 children in our house.

I get this name because my father likes Mr. Nguyen Van Muoi Hai so.

Is that so? Not because you"re the twelveth kid?

Could you tell us your first impression when you first met?

In 2013, there was a project for my company.

And my husb& worked for consulting & supervising department.

My first impression of my husband is that he didn"t speak much and is silence.

And my boss gave me a mission "You have lớn win Hai"s heart."

"If you can"t bởi it, I"ll let you work in the manufactory."

Such a mission.

At first, I thought my wife was a normal girl.

As I know her better, I think she"s pure và cheerful. She has evermacerafilmizle.comng that I don"t have.

At a weekend, when I was playing games, I got a text from her "Are you free?"

So I replied "I am." And she texted me "Let"s go out so we could be busier."


Let me add some correction.

At first, I thought my boss was just kidding. I asked my boss about his number.

So I could prank hyên ổn.

So I texted hlặng "Are you free?" and he replied "Yes, I am. What can I help you?"

And I said, "Let"s love so we could be busier."

- So he was missing out the word "love" right? - Yes. That"s true.

- Is that so? - He used the word "Go out" instead of "love".

They mean different things, you know.

Did you get the mission from your trùm at that time?

- No, not yet. - You know, when you texted each other.

No, not yet. I was just kidding with hyên ổn at first.

- You mean that you have sầu feeling for hyên ổn already, right? - Yes.

- That"s true. - So when your boss gave you the mission, you took it

- But still, it was a bit hard for her. - Generally, it"s good for both of you.

- For you and your trùm. - Yes.

After receiving her text, I took the initiative to ask her out.

From that day on, I took her out every day & we only went home page when it was 11-12pm.

- Did your trùm know about that? - No.

We went out secretly so no one knew. We kept it until we almost got married.

It was all secret.

But your trùm asked you khổng lồ win his heart, you should have sầu public your relationship, right?

I asked her not to lớn public, show it.

- Why? - Love và work are 2 distinctive sầu things.

Did you know about her mission?

Yes, I did. Because she told me.

He wanted evermacerafilmizle.comng to be distinctive. They went out because of love, not because of work.

How could you hide your relationship?

We were in the same project container và my wife could show it.

But not me, because I didn"t talk much, I only worked there.

If I had wanted something, I would have texted her.

We were all in the same container but my boss wasn"t always there.

He was only there to lớn rest at lunch. Usually, he would be out in the construction.

When my trùm wasn"t around, we would talk to each other.

You should have sầu hidden from everyone, not just your trùm.

Usually, when her chief was in the container, I would be out in the construction.

So there was no way we would be in the same place.

How long did you keep hiding your relationship?

For 2 years and until we almost got married.

Who asked whom lớn get married first?

I used lớn go out with a man và we all met each other"s family to talk about marriage.

After that meeting, I heard nothing from them.

I was afraid the same thing would happen.

- So I told hyên ổn "Let"s get a marriage certificate." - It means that we got a certificate before marrying.

- You must have a marriage certificate first. - I just wanted to make sure.

I was at work then suddenly she asked me lớn come with her lớn the ward to lớn get a marriage certificate.

She didn"t take no for an answer.

Did you have a reaction or you go with her right away?

I asked her "What"s the rush?"

After listening khổng lồ her talking for a while, I thought "We"ve sầu already decided lớn get married."

"Sooner or later, we"ll bởi vì it anyway. So I went with her to lớn please her will."

- After that, how long did you decide khổng lồ get married? - About 4 months later.

It"s too short then. Does he have any bad habit?

- A lot. x2 - Is that so?

I notice that all the wife coming to lớn Newlyweds...

when I ask them that question, 9 out of 10 will say that "A lot".

This is a good part. Please give us a round of applause.

Let her talk first.

Quick-tempered, hot-headed, idle, lazy, and he doesn"t help me with the house chores.

- Idle and lazy are the same thing, you know. - Gosh.

- And so are quick-tempered và hot-headed. - It"s not even a minute.

Can you tell us the details about them?

He"s a hot-headed và always hides things from me.

- Does he hide his money from you? - Yes.

There"re 3 which are hot-headed, lazy và likes lớn hide things from you.

What about her? How many does she have?

She has some of females characteristic which is always nagging me & talking too much.

She doesn"t finish her things but she likes to lớn quit them in between.

She"s still a bit childish. Her thought about evermacerafilmizle.comng is easy.

- Evermacerafilmizle.comng seems easy to her, right? - She"s so naive sầu.

When I explain a problem to her, she says "Why are you acting like an old man?"

"Why are you thinking too much?"

She goes to the supermarket, buys a lot of stuff và leaves them there.

I"m a woman, not a man you know.

When we went out to buy pillows, blankets, I told her "We should buy just a set."

She still went ahead and bought 2 sets. Then leave them there.

I bought another blanket because it only costs 70,000d per one.

It"s cheap, clean & pretty. I brought it trang chủ và he nagged me.

- And you got nagged? - Yes.

- Just 2 blankets. - And you got nagged by the old man.

Our room is small and all she does is bringing stuff home

- Like hogging? - Yeah like hogging stuff into her nest

I know x3

It"s kind of xinh đẹp.

- Now, let him talk next. - Let the old man talk. Even though he"s a year older.

- What vị you need her khổng lồ change? - I know that her nagging can"t be changed for just a day.

That"ll never happen. It"s gonmãng cầu get worse.

- Oh my god. - That"s how women work.

I want her to lớn finish her job. When she starts lớn bởi something, she"s gonmãng cầu have sầu khổng lồ finish it.

Think more maturely. Acting childishly is xinh tươi & all but sometimes it"s gonna tire us.

I have lớn beg her all the time.

He"s just saying that for show. He doesn"t beg me when we"re trang chính.

- I got mad and I cried then... - I"m afraid of when a girl crying.

What bởi vì you want your husb& lớn change?

I hope he will be less hot-headed, take care of me more và not yell at me.

- For real? You look really nice. - Yes. I vày nag her.

- I don"t talk much but I"m a hot-tempered person. - He yells at me directly.

- He yells at you? - Yes.

- That"s when he speaks "Danish". - Yeah. That"s true.

You don"t speak Vietnamese. You use Danish.

My mind was thinking something and my mouth speaks differently.

Don"t defend yourself here.

You should control yourself.

In your first 2 years, you should learn how khổng lồ balance your personality.

So that you can be together for a long time.

So in your first years, there gonmãng cầu be a lot of problems, issues that you sometimes feel you can"t be together

- Is that true? - Yes.

That"s why you should control your egos.

If you really love sầu each other, you should match your personality as a whole.

And when you finish doing that...

there gonmãng cầu be a second problem which is having babies.

It"s then gonna take 1 to 1.5 year to lớn keep fix your personality khổng lồ match one another.

If you get through to be together for over 2-2.5 years, there"s a high chance you"re together until the over.

This comes from my own experience.

- 6 more months & I"m gonmãng cầu be what you say. - Okay.

So you should listen to my words.

- You should quit cursing. - I"ve sầu done it less often, you know.

When I get mad, I"ll leave sầu the room & stop talking.

You can"t even endure when some strangers yell at you. Not even mention someone who you love sầu.

I can"t. You should quit it.

Rethành viên not khổng lồ curse. When you couldn"t storm out the room fast enough, you can...

Oh my gosh!

Wish you happiness.


Now it"s time to know whether or not they get each other and lucky draw.

Here is the gift danh mục.

First, a Shynh House cosmetics and spa làm đẹp gift voucher for both the wife & husband. It costs 3 million.

Second, a set royal jelly capsule of Beeffect which costs 3.500.000 d.

Third, a phối of suitcase and bags from Miti which costs 1.598.000 d.

The last, a dish cleaner và tickets to lớn Hong Van"s theater.

Now, it"s congenial thử nghiệm. Please turn around.

Please listen carefully lớn the question. What dish does your husbvà hate the most?

Now, let"s see. 1 2 3 turn it around.

Sour food. Sour.

Okay. What"s about you two?

- Sweet soup. - Sweet soup. x2

So that means Mon & Anh get to choose one of the 4 colors.

Which is it?



What about you?

- I let my wife pick for me. - Blue.

Blue it is.

Please put your hands on the gift you want. But I & Van will open first.

- Please count. - 1 2 3

Now, please open it after the countdown.

1 2 3

Our audience will get a chance lớn get a prize for watching this episode

Only when you can answer Van"s question.

The prize is a mix royal jelly capsule of Beeffect which costs 3.500.000 d.

- What"s the question? - The question is...

Question 1: The first couple, how did they meet one another?

A: Their family matched them.

B: Through online

C: Their friends introduced them khổng lồ one another

Question 2: How many people will have the same answer with you?

Please hurry up and send the answers lớn us. If you"re lucky, you"ll get this prize.

It"s time for us lớn say goodbye.

You can rewatch the show on Youtube on MCVMedia channel.

We"re gonna meet each other next week with broadcast time: 22H30 every Sunday on HTV7