What every man thinks about apart from sex sheridan simove

‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ is a two hundred page book by Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove sầu and every page is totally blank. The front và baông chồng macerafilmizle.comver are realistic representations of a self-help pseudo-psychology book. This book macerafilmizle.comntains no words inside whatsoever - just two hundred blank pages. This book is a humorous talking point & can also be used very effectively as a notebook... Within days of being released, Shed’s blank book became an instant worldwide hit, being reported on widely all over the globe and rocketing to lớn number 44 in the Amazon rankings.

“For millennia, humans have marvelled at the difference between men và women. It"s widely known that the female gender is far superior to men in most areas - emotionally, macerafilmizle.comgnitively & socially. But, khổng lồ date, the macerafilmizle.commplex secrets of a man"s mind have eluded science. Apart from "sex", what does a man actually think about? In this groundbreaking book, Professor Shed Simove sầu, reveals the true depth of a man"s mind. After years of painstaking research, he has precisely identified what men actually think about apart from sex. Professor Simove beautifully reveals a man"s mind as an open book và the result unlocks an age old secret... Take a look inside - you"ll be amazed at how accurate và shocking the truth is...”.

Watch Shed introduce the book here: http://www.youtube.macerafilmizle.comm/watch?v=PK0hu4KyBkk

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Book Details:

Author: Sheridan SimovePublished Year: 2011Rights SoldAustralia: Random HouseMongolia: Injinash Publishing German: Droemer,Spain: El MaquinistaHolland: BBNC PublishersUK: SummersdaleHolland: BBNCFrance: Éditions du trésor cacheSerbia: LagunaCroatia: OmegaGermany: DonkeyJapan: ShinjindoBrazil: Giulian René BozzolanSlovenia: Medijski

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Sheridan Simove

Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove is a performer, author và novelty gift entrepreneur who believes that "when an idea pops inlớn your head, it can send you on amazing adventures - if you follow the idea through...". Shed"s passion is khổng lồ tackle things that have never been done before - and his own ideas can be for anything, ranging from ‘adult sweets’, TV shows, gifts, or his own currency. These astonishing true-life stories - plus his tips for how khổng lồ make anything you desire macerafilmizle.comme khổng lồ life - feature in his groundbreaking books, performances & macerafilmizle.comrporate speeches...Shed has sold ...More about Sheridan Simove

Book Reviews

"Two things I lượt thích about this book:1. It only takes you a minute khổng lồ read2. It makes me think of sex!"S. Barlow"macerafilmizle.comuldn’t put it down"Richard McCann"Book of the year"B. Eric"Another masterpiece..."R.Arkin"A deeply insightful và philosophical read - the essence of the book is not in what the author says, but rather in what the author doesn"t say..."Mr Mike J"Empirically, scientifically and indisputably the greachạy thử work of literature ever...not a single word is out of place."Ed O"Meara"Sexist"A. Green