Which phone is better Redngươi Note 4 or Redngươi 4?

Definitely you should buy redngươi note 4 if your budget is high.Here i will discuss difference between them:-Very first difference between them is difference in screen kích thước, RN4 has 5.5 inches display and you can watch Clip with 1080p while in R4 it has 5 inches display of which you can't watch videos with 1080p.While both phone has 13 mp & 5mp(front) but the picture unique of RN4 is much better than R4 as RN4 has Sony lenses in it.RN4 already got Noughat update while R4 not till now.RN4 flash is dual tone.RN4 has Qualcomilimet Snapdragon 625 processor while R4 has Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 435 processor .RN4 has 2.0 GHz processor while R4 has 1.4 GHz processor .Yes price difference is ,2K ,but you can see the difference between both the phone.

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Should I go for a Moto G5 Plus or a Redmi chú ý 4?

I usually don't answer to lớn such questions when there are lot of answers already written. While, most have sầu voted for Redngươi cảnh báo 4, on the basis of specs, I'll give sầu you a different view.While I'm writing this answer from a Xiaomày RN3, I would suggest you to go for Mokhổng lồ G5. On pen & paper both devices are similar; but in general usage i think Moto lớn G5 will be a better device.The main reason is the camera. We've sầu seen the awesome performance of Mokhổng lồ G4's camera. But, this time Mokhổng lồ (or correctly Lenovo) has put one of the best camera sensors on this device with unbelievable f/1.7 aperture. So, in terms of camera, Moto lớn G5 beats not only RN4 but all the others in under 25k segment out of the water. RN4 has the camera as the biggest bé.In performance both are almost same. Battery provided is slightly less than RN4, but 3000+mAh is enough lớn last a day without any problems. Also, the screen size is perfect at 5.2 inches.One plus point is that it comes with NFC which will support NFC payments.Now, the only thing is the price difference. While, the 4GB/32GB MG5 is the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá version but if RN4 with 4GB/64GB at 14k tends lớn attract you then you can buy the 3GB/16GB version of MG5 without even blinking. The MG5 comes with dedicated Expandable Storage Slot (thank God) so you can put any 64GB or fuckin 256GB if you like into lớn it.Now, my basic point is that MG5 is future proof (atleast for a few years). If you want khổng lồ have sầu it for 3or4 years then yeah you can easily keep it that long. With the best camera under 20k, NFC, 5.2″ perfect screen kích thước with Gorilla Glass 3, SD625 its a steal, I would say. ,I'm not saying RN4 is a bad choice. But, it long terms, I think Molớn G5 will be a better choice.Good Luchồng anyways.

Which is the best di động, a Redngươi 4 (2017) (3GB) or a Redngươi lưu ý 4 (2GB)? I am totally confused.

If you prefer screen size khổng lồ be large go for redngươi note 4 else redmi 4,no big differences between them!

What is the difference between Redmày series và XiaoMi MI series for Xiaomi phones?

There are mainly four series of Xiaongươi Smartphones -Redmày - These devices are low budget devices with good specification & screen kích thước around 5 inches. The Redmày devices range from Rs. 5000 to lớn Rs. 9000.Redmi cảnh báo - Redmày chú ý devices ranges from Rs. 9000 price mark to lớn Rs. 15000 or Rs. 17000. These devices have screen kích cỡ above sầu 5.5 inches & the specification of these devices are awesome.Mi - Mi is the premium devices or flagship grade for Xaomày Smartphones.Mi cảnh báo - Mi note devices are same as Mi as they also hold premium price và Flagship specifications but have larger screen sizes.

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What is the difference between a Redngươi 4 & a Redmi cảnh báo 4 (both 64 GB)?

The main difference between redngươi note 4 and redmày 4 is their processors & screen sizes. Redngươi note 4 comes with ,snapdragon 625 octa core processor, whereas redmày 4 comes with ,snaprồng 435 octa core processor, & the second difference is their screen form size Redngươi lưu ý 4 has ,5.5 inch, display whereas Redngươi 4 has, 5 inch, display.

Should I buy a Redmi 4 64GB 4GB RAM or Redmày note 4 32GB 3GB RAM?

IN MY OPINION, YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THE REDMI 4 4GB VARIANT CONSIDERING THAT IT IS HAVING SNAPDRAGON 435 SoC. At the same price you can get the Redmi chú ý 4 with a lot better processor which is the SNAPDRAGON 625, WHEN COMPARED TO SnapDragon 425, better screen kích thước, better screen resolution (1080p in Note 4 & 720p in Redngươi 4). All you need to lớn compromise is 32GB less storage but who cares? Buy the 13k variant of Redngươi lưu ý 4. Just Rs. 2k more

What is the best tempered glass for the Xiaomi Redmi lưu ý 4 4GB RAM Gold version?

You can easily get one from the local market. Since the screen kích cỡ of the Note 3 and lưu ý 4 are the same, finding one even if new stochồng hasn’t arrived should not be a problem.Instead you can search on eBay using this linkeBayAlso on flipkart ,Screen Guards - Buy Screen Guards Online at Best Prices in India.My personal advice would be lớn get it from your local market.

Which is better lớn buy, a Xiaongươi Redmày 4 or a Xiaomi Redmày Note 4?

Redmi cảnh báo 4 meritsBetter processor (SD 625)Redmày 4 meritsSmaller screen form size (5inch). More ergonomic.1280*7trăng tròn screen resolution. I personally prefer 720p screen resolution as it requires less resources in terms of processing power.Better battery life than redngươi note 4.Comparatively less in price.

What is the best smartphone lớn buy in January for under 10k?

Redmày note 4Screen Size, - 5.50-inchResolution, - 1080x1920 pixelsStorage, - 64GBProcessor, - 2GHz octa-coreRAM, - 3GB,4GBRear Camera, - 13-megapixelFront Camera, - 5-megapixelOS, - Android 6.0Battery Capathành phố ,- 4100mAhXiaongươi Redmi cảnh báo 4 (16GB, 3GB RAM) - Rs.9,999Xiaomi Redmi chú ý 4 (32GB, 3GB RAM) - Rs.9,999Xiaomày Redngươi lưu ý 4 (64GB, 4GB RAM) - Rs.11,999

What is the difference between Redmi cảnh báo 4 and Redmi 4 feature wise?

Redmi cảnh báo 4’s processor is SnapLong 625 whereas Redmày 4’s processor is Snapdragon 435.The display resolution of Redmi chú ý 4 is Full HD (1080p) và that of the redngươi 4 is HD (720p).The screen kích cỡ of Redmi cảnh báo 4 is 5.50 inches whereas that of Redmày 4 is 5 inches.Redmày chú ý 4 has FM feature and Redmi 4 doesn’t.The pixel mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of Redngươi lưu ý 4 is 401 ppi whereas that of Redngươi 4 is just 294 ppi.Screen khổng lồ toàn thân ratio of Redngươi chú ý 4 is 72.5% whereas that of Redmi 4 is 70.67%.GPU of Redmi chú ý 4 is Adreno 506 whereas that of Redngươi 4 is Adreno 505.The aperture of front cam of Redmi lưu ý 4 is f/2.0 whereas that of Redmi 4 is f/2.2.The bluetooth frequency of Redngươi Note 4 is 4.1 whereas that of Redmày 4 is 4.2.The finger scanner on the redmi note 4 is on the backside below the rear camera whereas that of Redmày 4 is in the rear side.